5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

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Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can make a huge impact on selecting the best digital marketing agency for your brand.

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Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can make a huge impact on selecting the best digital marketing agency for your brand.

Your brand is your baby, and when it comes to selecting someone to take care of that baby for you, it only makes sense you pick someone you’re confident is up to the task of caring for your pride and joy. Choosing a digital marketing agency is no different. Here are five things to look for when selecting a digital marketing agency.

1. Core Services That Align With Your Needs

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency is its services. You want to make sure they have an experienced team of subject matter experts and that their services are a good fit for your needs and goals. For instance, if you’re wanting help with branding your company, you may want to look for a design firm that specializes in branding. If you want to run paid media to increase conversion, you may select a paid media-specific agency. Most businesses are looking for some combination of services to best assist in their marketing efforts, which is why it’s important to get a feel for the specialties of the marketing agency you’re talking to. Try to ask specific questions about what their specialties are so you have a good idea of what they offer before you meet with them or schedule a call.

Once you find an experienced digital marketing agency that meets your needs, you can ask them for a consultation. One of the questions we always recommend asking is what they think the best course of action is to help grow your brand.

2. A Strong Portfolio of Relevant Creative Work

Another popular consideration when picking a marketing agency is their portfolio. It almost goes without saying, but you wouldn’t buy art from an artist you don’t like, so why commission an agency unless they have strong work to showcase that resonates with you? You know what you want your brand to look and feel like, and you can get a good idea of the aesthetics an agency brings by looking at the work they do for their clients.

It can also be beneficial to look for clients in their portfolio that are similar to yours, and industry experience can be invaluable when working with an agency. In fact, there are many agencies that specialize in specific industries. At BuzzShift, for instance, we focus on purpose-driven brands, or those that are making a positive impact on society in some way.

3. A Proven Track Record & Reliable Social Proof

Strong portfolio and core service alignment aside, few things are more important than a proven track record, because marketing is only as successful as the strategy that drives it. When looking into a marketing agency, make sure to note how long they have been in business. This is not to discredit young agencies, or claim old agencies are superior—it just gives you a good idea of their business savvy, their ability to maintain relationships with existing clients and nurture new ones simultaneously, etc.

Another consideration here is social proof, testimonials, and reviews. What are people who have worked with this agency saying about them? You can check popular review platforms like Google or Facebook, or you can take a look at their client roster and reach out to another brand to ask about their experience, if you feel comfortable. At the end of the day, you’re trusting this agency with your brand dollars, and you want to make sure people who have done this in the past have had a good experience doing so as well.

4. A Consistent and Cohesive Brand Experience

We’ve all heard the old saying “what you see is what you get.” As brand owners themselves, taking a look at the way marketing agencies position themselves can be an invaluable tool in determining whether or not you want to work with them. This is often the first thing people notice about a marketing agency and the reason they decide to do more research or contact them to begin with. If you want quality blog content, look at that marketing agency’s blog content. If you want a killer website, look and see if the agency’s website is up to your standards.

If an agency can’t provide you with a brand experience you enjoy, there’s no reason to trust them to do the same for your brand. So take a close look at their efforts! You will be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not you would trust this agency with your brand.

5. Pricing That Works for Your Budget and Needs

Different agencies have different price structures. Some are more expensive than others, some charge on a project basis, others monthly retainers. Getting detailed information about the pricing structure and fees can be extremely beneficial in determining if an agency can move the needle for your brand enough based on your budget.

These are just a few of the things to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency. Ultimately, only you can make the right choice for your brand, but knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can make a huge impact on narrowing down your options and selecting the best agency for your brand. If you are interested in learning more about what to look for or just have general questions about digital marketing, reach out to us!

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