Best Digital Marketing Conferences in 2023

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A list of the top 2023 digital marketing conferences we recommend that cover everything from advertising to social media to influencer marketing.

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A list of the top 2023 digital marketing conferences we recommend that cover everything from advertising to social media to influencer marketing.

In-person conferences came back in full swing last year, but many of these conferences also offered online versions as well for those still not fully comfortable with travel or large crowds. This year, we are seeing most conferences only offer in-person tickets for live sessions with an option to download content after the conference. Though there are still a few fully virtual or hybrid events offered, as well. In this blog, we’ll provide a list of the top digital marketing conferences we recommend that cover everything from advertising to social media to influencer marketing.  

Lead Generation World 

When: January 23-25 

Where: San Diego, CA 

About What: Advertising 

More Info: Lead Generation World brings together hundreds of people in the industry and those that want to improve their lead generation campaigns from creation to close. The primary focus of this conference is to guide advertisers and lead buyers through successfully navigating the lead generation ecosystem by providing insightful content with exclusive networking opportunities with companies that can support their needs.  

Affiliate Summit 

When: West – January 23-25; East – July 31-August 1 

Where: West – Las Vegas, NV; East – New York, NY 

About What: Affiliate Marketing 

More Info: Affiliate Summit hosts marketing events that attract thousands of advertisers, networks, agencies and affiliates across the globe. No matter your background or industry, there is a topic for you at these conferences. This multi-day event includes full days of insightful content and many opportunities to network at their meetups and parties.  

Social Media Marketing World 

When: March 13-15 

Where: San Diego, CA 

About What: Social Media  

More Info: Hosted by one of the world’s largest social media marketing resources, Social Media Examiner, at the Social Media Marketing World conference, you’ll become inspired and empowered by real social media marketing and business-building content. The content focuses on the most important areas of social marketing: organic social, paid social, social strategy, and content marketing.  

Digital Summit 

When: March 29-30; April 18-19; June 7-8; October 5-6 

Where: Phoenix; DC; Atlanta; Philidelphia 

About What: Digital Marketing  

More Info: Digital Summit brings in well-known industry leaders to give presentations about their expertise in digital marketing tactics and strategies. From social media, to SEO, to content creation, every aspect of digital marketing is covered over this multi-day event in cities across the US.   

Ad World 

When: March 29-30 

Where: Virtual  

About What: Advertising 

More Info: Known as one of the world’s most-attended marketing conferences, this digital event brings thousands of people together from around the world to learn everything you need to know about the current and future state of digital advertising. Through speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions, you will be immersed in helpful content while still having opportunities to connect with others.  


When: Nationwide & Worldwide 

Where: Various Dates beginning April 2023 

About What: Digital Marketing 

More Info: DigiMarCon is one of the most far-reaching digital marketing, media, and advertising, conference & exhibition series in the World with conferences on almost every continent throughout the year, even offering a cruise option! This conference hosts keynotes, panels, and master classes that provide actionable insights, best practices, and industry trends.  

Influencer Marketing World / DMWF  

When: October 5-6 

Where: Santa Clara, CA + Virtual  

About What: Social Media & Influencer Marketing  

More Info: Influencer Marketing World has partnered with Digital Marketing World Forum North America to put on conferences created for savvy and creative marketers and those looking to improve their influencer marketing campaigns. These industry experts will share growth opportunities, trends and engagement techniques within the effective and ever-changing world of influencer marketing. 

Growth Marketing Summit 

When: June 22 

Where: Frankfurt, Germany  

About What: Digital Marketing  

More Info: Growth Marketing Summit is known as one of Europe’s largest digital marketing conferences. Through back-to-back TED Talk-style sessions, experts from companies like Netflix and Instagram will provide data-driven, customer-oriented and agile approaches to scale your brand.   


When: August 7-9 

Where: Seattle, WA 

About What: Search + SEO  

More Info: MozCon is the perfect opportunity to join like-minded people as you dive into networking and expert sessions delivered by industry leaders about SEO, search marketing, conversion optimization, and more.  


When: September 5-8 

Where: Boston, MA 

What: Content Marketing  

More Info: Hosted by Hubspot, one of the world’s leading CRM platforms, this multi-day conference brings in thought leaders from dozens of countries to empower aspirational minds and discuss the latest trends in marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations. For anyone in a marketing, sales, or customer experience role, this conference should be high on your list!  

There is no one “best” conference to attend. The best conference for you depends on what you are interested in and looking to get out of it. Conferences are one of the best ways to educate yourself, stay up to date on the latest trends, network with like-minded individuals, and meet potential clients and partners. This is only ten of the hundreds of conferences already scheduled for 2023. There are still many to be scheduled, and some we aren’t aware of yet! Did we miss your favorite on this list? Did you attend one of these and love it? Shoot us an email and let us know!  


About BuzzShift  

BuzzShift is a digital growth strategy agency with a focus on mid-market, scaling DTC Brands. By combining the ideologies of branding, performance marketing, and retention agency, we can create memorable experiences with measurable results and build long-term success for our clients with scalable, sustainable growth. Learn more about BuzzShift. 

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