Best of the Best: 4 Marketing Newsletters to Subscribe to Today!

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At BuzzShift, we love newsletters because they help keep us connected with the world as we go about our busy lives.

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At BuzzShift, we love newsletters because they help keep us connected with the world as we go about our busy lives.

Between the news, social media, and conversations with family, coworkers, and friends, there is never a lack of opinions or content to consume. In fact, information is so ubiquitous in today’s day and age it can be almost overwhelming to sift through it all and determine what’s valuable. Email newsletters are recurring emails containing curated information, from new articles and blogs to resources and tips. The goal of an email newsletter is to provide valuable information on industry or niche-related topics, which can help improve your brand’s authority and increase the value you provide to your audience.

At BuzzShift, we love newsletters because they help keep us connected with the world as we go about our busy lives. Whether we want to stay informed of world news, industry trends, or local events, there’s a newsletter for just about any subject or interest. You’ve probably subscribed to a dozen yourself, but the key to any good newsletter is that it provides consistently valuable information that your audience is interested in. From our account managers to our copywriters, designers, and everything in between, here are our team’s 4 best marketing newsletters to subscribe to today.

  1. MorningBrew

    MorningBrew is the crowd favorite that a majority of our team subscribes to and reads through regularly. The MorningBrew newsletter provides the ideal format of digestible information in a fun, friendly way. By inserting humor wherever possible, between the world news or industry updates, MorningBrew is on our team’s favorite ways to start the day. They also debuted more specialized newsletters directed toward specific industries including MarketingBrew, HRBrew, RetailBrew and more!

  2. DTC

    DTC Media developed a newsletter and a podcast focused on the DTC space. In their newsletter, which they send out three times per week, they cover the most timely and relevant topics related to DTC business and marketing. They answer some of the biggest questions you have about industry changes taking effect and what to do about it. Unlike MarketingBrew, DTC adds their personal perspective and opinions into each topic based on their research and experience.

  3. Grow

    Grow is one of the most popular direct-to-consumer communities in the United States. They host semi-annual events in Los Angeles and New York to bring the DTC communities together with featured speakers and networking opportunities. Their once-a-week-newsletter includes a hand picked round up of DTC retail news, with a focus on customer retention and acquisition articles, original essays, and trends from across the industry.

  4. TikTok For Business

    As a platform that is still relatively new and constantly updating its algorithms, the TikTok newsletter provides a consistent opportunity to stay in tune with the trends. The newsletter provides trending content, advice from creators, testimonials, and most importantly, provides inspiration to our design team and content strategists for what types of content is performing well.

With millions of pieces of information being thrown at us daily in the ever changing marketing landscape, newsletters provide a streamlined method of keeping users informed on specific topics relevant to their interests. It is important to develop a newsletter for users that provides information they find useful and not just information the brands want the users to know. If you are looking to develop a newsletter for your organization, our content and lifecycle marketing strategists can provide the insights you need to get started! Contact us today to learn more.

BuzzShift launched our own weekly newsletter chocked full of useful information: educational blog posts, tips and tricks for making the most of your marketing efforts, consumer trends, and so much more. Make sure to sign up in the field at the bottom of this page to stay in-the-know!

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