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BzS Blog Preview_What Is SMS Marketing - BuzzShift

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is just one of the tools modern marketers are using to reach their audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost their sales.

Blog Preview Image - 2022 Emerging Trends Social Media BuzzShift

2022 Emerging Trends: Social Media

Here are 3 of the top social media trends you should consider incorporating into your social media strategy.

Blog Preview Image - Favorite Sources for Industry Trends and Insights - BuzzShift

Our Favorite Sources for Industry Trends & Insights

You expect marketing agencies will stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and insights, but have you ever wondered where we get our news?

Blog Preview Image - Best Tools For Agencies Qwilr - BuzzShift

Best Tools for Agencies: Qwilr

With so many options available, here's why we chose Qwilr as our platform of choice for web-based proposals.

Blog Preview Image - Organic Social Media Presence BuzzShift

Why You Need An Organic Social Media Presence

An established and consistent organic social media presence helps you build trust and credibility, showcases your brand personality, and connects you with your audience.

Blog Preview Image - Here's Why UGC Works BuzzShift

Here’s Why User-Generated Content Works

User-Generated Content improves brand authenticity, is cost-effective, and provides helpful insights to brands.

Paid Media 101: How Does Google Use My Paid Media Budget? BuzzShift Preview Image

Paid Media 101: How Does Google Use My Paid Media Budget? 

Google Ads allows you to choose how much you will rely on the Google algorithm versus setting specific parameters for your campaigns.

BuzzShift Metrics Define: Paid Search KPIs Preview Image

Metrics Defined: Paid Search KPIs

Determining the right KPIs and then measuring and understanding these metrics is imperative to the success of your Paid Search Ad strategy.

Paid Ads vs Promoted Posts: Which is Best for My Brand? Preview Image

Paid Ads vs Promoted Posts: Which is Best for My Brand?

Are promoted posts better than social ads or vice versa? It entirely depends on your budget and campaign objectives.