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organization hacks our account manager's favorite features in Asana blog preview image

Organization Hacks: Our Account Managers’ Favorite Features in Asana

Here are our favorite features of Asana, our project management tool that helps our team collaborate on tasks and stay on track.

Metrics Defined Lead Gen KPIs Thumbnail Image

Metrics Defined: Lead Gen KPIs

The most important metrics to understand if your Lead Generation campaign is performing well or what you need to do to improve it.

The BuzzShift way preview image

The BuzzShift Way

At BuzzShift, our team of passionate, detail-oriented, industry experts is what drives our company and client success!

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs Preview Image

The Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can amplify results at every stage of the customer journey from customer acquisition to brand advocacy.

2022 Emerging Trends in Video Marketing Preview Image

2022 Emerging Trends: Video Marketing

Let’s break down 5 recent trends in video marketing that could help you connect and stay connected to your target audience.

Metrics defined seo kpis preview image

Metrics Defined: SEO KPIs

Track, measure, and learn from your Search Engine Optimization efforts to optimize your SEO strategy and rank higher on search results.

2022 Emerging Trends in Design Preview Image

2022 Emerging Trends: Design

Embracing new trends helps you push creative boundaries and keep your brand relevant and competitive in an ever-changing design landscape.

Types of Promo Codes Preview Image

Types of Promo Codes

Promotional codes provide customers with an incentive to buy, which benefits both the customer and the business.

Types of Paid Media Campaigns preview image

What are the Different Types of Paid Media Campaigns?

Our paid media strategy focuses on three main campaign types that help us complement and amplify our clients' efforts.