Culture Check: Employee Onboarding at BuzzShift
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A preview into the experience of a new employee at BuzzShift – everything you need to know about joining the team!

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A preview into the experience of a new employee at BuzzShift – everything you need to know about joining the team!

The first day at a new job can be nerve-wracking, yet exciting. You’re eager to learn, meet new people, and settle into the next step of your career. Like any new employee, you’re bound to be a little nervous, have a lot of questions and be afraid of making mistakes. BuzzShift provides an environment that allows you to release those insecurities, encourages thought-provoking questions, and ease into your role within the company.

Your first few weeks are all about transitioning into your new role. You aren’t expected to know and do everything at once. This gives you time to ease in, get to know the team, and get comfortable with your role. The team will make sure you are properly onboarded and introduced to the clients you will be working with. We value open communication, so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions! There’s a lot to learn but Buzzshift breaks down the onboarding process into bite-sized pieces to make all the information digestible and easy to understand.

Although Buzzshift serves various clients, and each client has a dedicated team, every employee will work together at some level. What this means for a new employee is that although you are learning your own role, you are also learning how it works together with the other roles as well. This opens the door for a “choose your own adventure” career path. You get to learn the ins and outs of everyone’s role, and choose what it is you like and want to pursue, and other areas you can contribute to without making it your entire focus.

We all know a job isn’t just about the job – it’s also about the people. The BuzzShift team will welcome you with open arms. It truly makes a difference for the existing team to be just as excited to meet and work with you, as you are with them. If you are selected to join our team, it is because you are an intelligent, capable person who we are confident is going to contribute to the growth of our agency. As much as you will learn from our talented team members, we are also eager to learn from you! We truly believe we are better together.

On top of everything previously mentioned, there are many perks about being at Buzzshift including the opportunity of fully remote work, untracked PTO, and genuine friendships made in the close-knit BuzzShift family. Does this sound like an ideal workplace for you? Apply now!

About BuzzShift

BuzzShift is a digital growth strategy agency with a focus on mid-market, scaling, purpose-driven DTC Brands. By combining the ideologies of branding, performance marketing, and retention agency, we are able to create memorable experiences with measurable results, and build long-term success for our clients with scalable, sustainable growth. Learn more about BuzzShift.

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