How to Plan For a Brand Photoshoot

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High-quality content can help set your brand apart, and being well-prepared for a shoot will ensure you capture everything need without the stress.

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High-quality content can help set your brand apart, and being well-prepared for a shoot will ensure you capture everything need without the stress.

Preparing for a photo or video shoot can be a daunting task, especially when you start to consider all the factors involved. By breaking the process into steps and approaching each one at a time, you can ensure your shoot will run as smoothly as possible. Let’s walk through the 4 major steps you need to plan out before each shoot. 

What are the Steps to Plan a Successful Brand Shoot? 

Defining the Purpose of Your Shoot

First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure your concept is established so you know what to capture! Start by asking yourself what the goal of this shoot is and where the content will live. Are you creating content for organic social? Capturing product images for a new website? Filming for paid social content? Promoting a new event? Is the subject matter food, a product, people, or a mixture of a few things? What platforms are you planning to post on? Asking these questions will help determine whether you need to capture images and/or videos and whether any particular formats should be considered.  

Once you have your concept and subject matter selected, it’s helpful to look for stylistic inspiration for your shoot. This will help you decide whether any special props, lighting, or other ancillary items are needed beforehand. It’s also a good idea to share this inspiration in a mood board with anyone who will be on set that day to ensure everyone is aligned on the vision. Creating a shot list with even more detail and examples is also helpful! Narrowing down your concept can also help forecast how long the shoot will take. This will come in handy for the next step! 

How to Select the Right Location for your Shoot

Now that you’ve decided what to shoot, the next step is to select where to do it. Product photography can sometimes be shot in a small, curated set or lightbox, but lifestyle content (such as fashion or interiors) will most likely need to be shot in a rented studio space. Natural light studios are versatile spaces that can either appear minimal or dressed up in a particular style with props. If you need a space that looks like a real home, there are options now to rent someone’s house through sites such as Peerspace or Home Studio List.  

When renting a studio space, you’ll need to decide how long it will take to capture your content and factor in setup and clean-up times. Creating a shot list and a general timeline for the day can facilitate this! A good rule of thumb is to allow at least an hour on the front and back end for setup and clean up, but you may need longer depending on the complexity of the shoot.  

If your concept needs to be shot outdoors, create a contingency plan in case of inclement weather, and be sure to have a lighting setup that can provide consistent lighting throughout the day. Additionally, if you’ll be shooting food that requires any sort of prep work, check that your space has a kitchen available.  

What Equipment Do You Need for a Brand Shoot?

One of the most important things to do before a shoot is to make sure you’ll have the correct equipment on hand. Depending on the style you’re going for, different lighting techniques will be used Are you looking for sharp, directional shadows for a stylized product photoshoot or a soft, diffused light for a video with models? Be sure to share any inspiration with your photographer or stylist so they can rent additional lighting and camera equipment if needed. If you’ll be capturing audio for a video, microphones will also be required!

This is also when you should consider any props you need. If you’re shooting in a rented studio space, things like extra c-stands and flat backdrops may be provided, but always double-check with the studio manager. Another good rule of thumb is to always bring masking tape, paper towels, and scissors just in case!  

Who Should You Hire for a Brand Shoot?  

Besides your photographer or video director, you may also need to consider hiring other experts to help everything at the shoot go smoothly and achieve the best possible content. Examples could include models, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, production assistants, and more. If your concept includes shooting prepared food, we HIGHLY recommend hiring a food stylist! These professionals can give your content an extra level of polish that will help your content reach its potential. 

High-quality video and photo content can help set your brand apart, and being well-prepared for a shoot will ensure you capture everything needed with as little stress as possible. Photo and video shoots involve lots of planning and coordination, but following these steps can help ensure the best outcomes.


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