What Makes BuzzShift Different?

What Makes BuzzShift Different?
We are Purpose-Driven, Customer-Obsessed, Strategically-Led, and we bridge the gap between Performance, Retention, and Brand Marketing.

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We are Purpose-Driven, Customer-Obsessed, Strategically-Led, and we bridge the gap between Performance, Retention, and Brand Marketing.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be one of the best decisions a growing business can make. Why? Because advertising addresses one of the most crucial tasks in any business: customer acquisition. No company can grow without a reliable way to garner consumer interest and inspire conversions. But hiring a digital marketing agency can also be challenging as not all agencies are created equal. Some are worth their weight in gold, and others can weigh you down like an anchor. So if you’re considering hiring a marketing agency, make sure you do your research and vet them extensively. At BuzzShift, we’re not your typical agency, here are four things that make BuzzShift different.

We’re Purpose Driven

We prioritize working with brands that improve the world we live in. It’s not enough to just help brands succeed, we want to help grow purpose-driven brands with the power to positively impact society and improve people’s lives. 

We’re Customer Obsessed 

Customers are at the center of everything we do. We’re obsessed with our customers and we’re obsessed with your customers. We go above and beyond to understand what makes you and your customers tick so we can best serve your brand and our audiences.

We’re Strategically Led

Strategy is baked into everything we do. From content recommendation to campaign management, everything we do is strategically led and backed by data to guarantee your brand the best chance at success. That’s why you’ll never see strategy as a line item, because it’s at the heart of everything we do, always.

We Bridge the Gap Between Performance, Retention, and Brand Marketing

We find your audience wherever they are—in the world and within the customer journey. To best understand this, we need to understand the distinction between these types of marketing and why they are important. 

Brand marketing is a long-term, strategic plan to continuously boost your brand’s recognition and reputation through an ever-growing base of loyal customers. This is achieved by continually and consistently communicating the brand’s identity and values in meaningful and engaging ways.

Performance marketing describes online marketing and advertising channels—such as social media platforms and search engines—where advertisers only pay when specific actions occur. These actions can include generating an impression, a lead, a click, a sale, and more.

Retention marketing is a strategy that focuses on bringing back customers who have already done business with a brand. It is a shift from focusing only on the acquisition of countless new customers, to also focusing on the profitability of those you already have.

These are just a few of the things that make BuzzShift different from other digital marketing agencies. To learn more about our services and how BuzzShift can help your brand grow sustainably, contact us today


About BuzzShift

BuzzShift is a digital growth strategy agency with a focus on mid-market, scaling, purpose-driven DTC Brands. By combining the ideologies of branding, performance marketing, and retention agency, we are able to create memorable experiences with measurable results, and build long-term success for our clients with scalable, sustainable growth. Learn more about BuzzShift.

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