Why You Need An Organic Social Media Presence

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An established and consistent organic social media presence helps you build trust and credibility, showcases your brand personality, and connects you with your audience.

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An established and consistent organic social media presence helps you build trust and credibility, showcases your brand personality, and connects you with your audience.

When you think about digital marketing, paid social media advertising is what typically comes to mind first. While boosted posts and targeted ads are an excellent way to gain traction online, it’s not the only way. At BuzzShift, we believe that your organic social media presence is just as important. Organic social media encompasses all content that users and businesses share to their social media feeds that is not a paid placement. Time and money go into developing the strategy, the posting schedule, producing the content, and community management but there is no advertising budget. Let’s walk through the top 3 reasons why your brand needs an organic social media presence:  

Build trust and credibility.

When a brand focuses less on conversions and more on conversations, it can begin to establish trust and credibility with its audience. Personalizing these online conversations proves authenticity and shows your audience that you hear them and you care. BuzzShift recommends engaging with both positive and negative communications to show your followers that you’re listening. 

Also, when you do decide to launch paid media, many people will see your ads and go check out your organic feed. Prospective customers will look to your social feeds to learn more about your company, the product or service, and to get a better feel for the brand. You want to make sure you are providing the information they are looking for and a consistent brand story with each customer touchpoint. If this prospective customer checks out your Instagram, and you only have a few posts of mostly stock photos or holiday announcements, they may not think you are credible and you could lose the sale. 

Share your brand’s personality. 

A brand’s personality shines when organic conversation happens between its followers or even other brands. We’ve all seen the banter battles on Twitter between our favorite fast-food chains – these natural conversations that happen in social media spaces allow customers to connect with the personality that your brand is portraying and can lead to more conversions down the line.  Your brand tone and voice are usually established when you develop your brand strategy and identity and should remain consistent on all channels of communication. 

Connect with your audience.

Prior to making a purchase, customers will often have questions about your product or service. In today’s world, customers are more likely to reach out to a brand via social media to have their questions answered, instead of reaching out via email or website chat features. BuzzShift recommends utilizing a Community Manager to respond to and connect with customers on social platforms. Kind, thoughtful, and informative responses to your audience provide a human-to-human experience that a paid ad simply cannot. 

You may have heard this one before: “I made a joke about organic reach on Facebook… Nobody got it”. While we know an organic social strategy isn’t going to be a primary driver of growth, it is a foundational element that every brand needs. Organic social media is key to adding a personality to your brand. Consistent, human interaction will benefit your relationship with both existing and potential customers. It also helps you gain key insights about who your followers are and what they desire. Curious about how organic social media can level up your marketing game? Need a content strategy for your social feed? BuzzShift has the tools and expertise to help! Let’s connect!  


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