BuzzShift made the recommendation for Akola to create a product that could be used at home when COVID-19 ushered in the national lockdown. By adding a DIY bead jewelry kit to the product mix, Akola was able to increase the conversion across all paid media campaigns.

Across First
Quarter of Covid


in AOV


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Paid Media CVR

Akola is a jewelry brand with products handcrafted by women employed from Uganda. These ethically made necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bead kits are meant to help support and uplift the families of these Ugandan women as well as introduce people to the beauty and spirit of the culture.

Solution Overview

After executing on a growth strategy for Akola, we were given brand guidelines and all previous model and pdp photography to continue creating ads with. We were soon given the task to plan a photoshoot for the pre fall 2020 collection. We directed and edited a lifestyle and pdp shoot for both stills and video.

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What We’ve Done

During the national COVID-19 lockdown, most DTC brands were looking for ways to get potential customers to continue converting among the uncertainty. Akola had the unique challenge of encouraging people to purchase accessories during a time when everyone was staying at home wearing sweats. Not only this, but the company had women from extremely poor Ugandan communities who were relying on the brand for income. BuzzShift made the recommendation to create a product that could bring Akola jewelry into the home during these uncertain times; the result was a bead kit that allowed people to have fun making bracelets and necklaces at home with their loved ones.


Since launching the bead kit after the COVID-19 lockdown in early March, BuzzShift was able to drive a 44.07% increase in CVR over the first 3 months of the product’s launch. This also led to a steady increase in net sales and +5% increase in AOV. Promoting the bead kit as a fun way to spend time quarantining allowed BuzzShift to expand audience targeting more easily and meet people where they were, at home.