After revamping TiniLux’s content strategy, there was a significant lift in overall site performance. By shifting to content that uses more aspirational lifestyle imagery, we were able to position the brand to attract a younger demographic with more disposable income.

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Tini Lux is a DTC jewelry brand that offers affordable titanium earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for people who have allergies to certain types of metals. Because of their high quality and on-trend products, Tini Lux has built a loyal customer base. They came to grow their brand and increase conversion rates among people who didn’t yet know about them.

Solution Overview

Through our growth strategy research, BuzzShift discovered a need to drive more site traffic from ads and emails, and to streamline their content on all platforms to present a cohesive and unified brand experience. Our recommendation was to create aspirational lifestyle content that also spoke to seasonality and the customer’s purchase intent. For example, during the summer season, content represented Tini Lux earrings being worn on the beach to showcase the jewelry’s water resistance and versatility. Whereas winter content focused more on date nights and holiday accessorizing.

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What We’ve Done

  1. Once they added strategy to their scope we started to help ideate, advise and plan photoshoots/video shoots. We saw that this was another way for us to better support their internal marketing efforts, and ultimately allowed us to be more in sync with all production efforts from the beginning. This helped us be more equipped for paid social ad campaigns, and allowed us to have specific concepts in mind prior to them being captured.

  2. Something we also began implementing was campaign specific “brand kits” which consisted of specific fonts, colorways, aesthetics, and more for different campaigns (especially useful during holidays or seasonal sales).

  3. We’ve also played a small role in their influencer strategy and partnerships. When possible we’ve helped advise and make recommendations which helps us better understand and utilize the content for our campaigns.

  4. A channel we’ve been testing and diving into more is TikTok. They are quite active on the channel and we’ve seen these campaigns positively affect brand awareness.


The content update allowed people to envision themselves in an environment where Tini Lux would not only withstand everyday activities, but also look good doing so. The 68% increase in site conversion rate is largely attributed to updated content that carried a special aesthetic and encouraged people to visit the site. Once on the site, the content and product selection did the rest.