Better Experiences with Better Outcomes.

And It All Starts Here.

Ever heard the old trope, “Measure twice; cut once”? That’s exactly how we approach your brand’s growth. We’d rather not rush into a course of action without being sure (and we mean extra-sure) that the plan is ironclad from top to bottom. That’s why every partnership begins with a Brand Audit and Go-to-Market Strategy.

An in-depth concept with a simple objective: A team of dedicated experts dive headfirst into your brand to understand your story, your current state, and your goals. From there, we assess current competitors within your market, dig into industry trends (including current and projected state-of-the-market), and compile data-backed insights, takeaways, and recommendations. The result: a blueprint for success, tailor-made for your brand’s scalable, sustainable growth.

Step One: Discover

Go-To-Market Strategy

Our Go-to-Market Strategy isn’t just a collection of brand metrics; it’s the foundation for your entire growth strategy and the key to telling your story in more exciting ways, to even more audiences. We go deep to understand what makes your DTC brand tick, and we generate insights that make going to market (and staying in market) a breeze.

These insights include:

  • Industry Trends 
  • Competitor Landscape 
  • Product Market Fit
  • Brand and Positioning
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Voice and Tone
  • Audience and Audience Segmentation 
  • Customer Journey
  • Brand Ecosystems 
  • Touchpoint Consideration 
  • Authority and Topic Mapping 
  • Brand Pillars and Content Thematics
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Brand Identity
& Positioning

We can’t stress this enough: Your brand’s story lives at the heart of everything we do around here. It’s what allows us to approach your digital strategy with laser-precision and ensure every other service we provide fits your need perfectly. That’s why nailing your brand’s unique identity and position is critical to the BuzzShift formula.

Whether it’s a foundational shift or a fine-tuned refresh, we work hard to ensure your identity is original enough to drive interest, while your positioning is focused enough to drive business.

  • Brand Audit 
  • Target Audiences 
  • Competitors and Insights 
  • Key Qualities and Benefits
  • Brand Positioning Statement 
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Brand Architecture 
  • Design Direction 
  • Visual Identity
  • Tagline 
  • Packaging

Step Two: Optimize


Brass tacks: Your customer is the reason your brand exists, which is why everything we do here features them at the forefront. Our approach to strategy services is designed to optimize content and messaging throughout each customer touchpoint for the most personalized experience imaginable. We use content strategy, digital strategy, growth strategy, and customer experience to design a conversion journey, user experience, and e-commerce experience as unique as your customer is. Armed with real-time data and insights, as well as unique Conversion Rate Optimization strategies, you can be confident your strategy will evolve as quickly as your customer (and data).

Paid Media

When it comes to customer focus, this is where the rubber really meets the road. In its purest form, a paid media strategy is designed to maximize your brand’s story, regardless of where it’s being told. Once we home in on your core audience, we compile a soup-to-nuts paid media roadmap capable of creating awareness today and sparking conversion on the road ahead. It doesn’t work overnight, because it shouldn’t. Our paid media strategy, above all else, is methodical—a proven path to future growth paved by present-tense insights.


But what good is a lock-tight digital strategy without lights-out creative content? Thankfully, you don’t even have to ask. Our strategic approach to content relies entirely on the insights we discover during the Go-to-Market Strategy. But the content itself is a deep dive into the refreshingly original. From striking photos and video to captivating graphic design, copywriting, and user interface design, our creative studio aims to make you prouder than ever of your DTC brand through every customer touch point.

Data + Insights

We know what you’re thinking: “But BuzzShift, most growth agencies build this into every step of their process.” And you’d be right about that. But what allows us to subvert this trend is a unique understanding of how every brand ecosystem works, and how they all work together. We gather data and analyze it to the atom, generating cross-functional and cross-operational insights capable of optimizing your strategy across multiple channels at once. And we rely on that data as we execute every element. Reporting and Insights aren’t just metrics. They’re fuel for the digital strategy engine.