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When to Launch PM Campaigns blog header-thumb

When to Launch Paid Media Campaigns for Your Brand

Whether you are a new brand or an established brand, paid media advertising is a great way to amplify a brand’s current marketing efforts.

Earned Owned Paid blog header-thumb

What’s The Difference Between Earned, Owned, and Paid Media?

Owned, earned, and paid media, known as the “digital marketing trifecta”, each have their own roles to play in an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy.

BzS brand matters blog header-thumb

Brand Matters: The Importance of the Full Customer Journey

It’s important that we acknowledge the customer’s entire digital experience so that we are able to meet them where they are and provide value at…

BzS 5 phases blog header-thumb

The 5 Phases of the Customer Journey

Our strategic approach breaks down consumer touchpoints into five stages to create a holistic digital ecosystem.