2022 Emerging Trends: Video Marketing

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Let’s break down five 2022 trends in video marketing that could help you connect and stay connected to your target audience.

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Let’s break down five 2022 trends in video marketing that could help you connect and stay connected to your target audience.

Video, Video, Video. Say it with me: video, video, video.

How many hours this week (or today) did you endlessly scroll through videos on the Internet? Platforms like Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are dominating our digital horizon. We have video in our pockets, over-the-top advertisements during our favorite TV binges, mid-rolls, and more moving pictures than ever before. Video is currently the strongest media medium we have to connect emotionally to consumers. Let’s break down five 2022 trends in video marketing that could help grow your target audience and increase the lifetime value of the consumers that interact with your brand’s video. 

Mixed Media

Mix it up! Video has evolved on our screens. Remember square standard definition formats on old tube TVs? The content was formal, refined, and formulated. Even 50 years ago, no one could have imagined we would all enjoy the modern multi-aspect-ratio vertically-oriented video that lives in our pockets. Content used to only be focused on that one format and could only be created in one specific way, but with the advent of smartphones and social media, there are a lot more ways to produce videos. Today we ditch the 16×9 (landscape) only content, and now video content is more free, honest, and accessible. 

Now that video has entered an era of less limitation, how do we capitalize on it? 

      1. Film with your phone. The mobile phone camera allows each of us to become the director of our brand’s emotions. 
      2. Film with your camera! 
      3. Now mix the content together. 

The age of mixed media means BOTH can live together. Brands today are using graphical cutouts, making collages of vertical and horizontal video to market creatively to a fast-paced world. 

Pro tip ✨ GIFs are a great method to utilize those gorgeous photos you took of your product to create collages and arrangements in a video!

Analog Video to Digital Spaces

This trend is about style. A nostalgic style is reemerging in video content- the use of analog video in digital spaces. Surely you have seen your local hipster (yes, that guy) with their Super 8 or VHS style camcorder giving us those 90s and early pre-internet days vibe. This aesthetic has strength in its uniqueness, like a time machine drawing from the past to promote the future. This type of content doesn’t necessarily have to be created on an analog device, but this trend was popular then and is gaining traction again now! 

Pro tip ✨ Many applications for the phone like fuji camera, VSCO, and other apps create this styled look for your video. 

Video of the Future – the First 3 Seconds

In 2021, Forbes wrote this incredible article on 11 ways video marketing will look in the future. In this article, they deep dive into the importance of the first 3 sec of a video. In the future, many audio-off video advertisements will become key attention grabbers for online brands. As we partner with influencers and create our own brand videos, we have to consider how will be unique (feel free to try trends 1, 2, or a mix) in those first silent 3 sec to instantly grab consumers’ attention. 

Rising Billion Concept

Internet videos can seem like a neverending, immensely saturated, vast ocean. Let me lend you a strong piece of encouragement via HuffPost: In 2017, Huffington Post made a prediction that most of the world would be online by 2021. There are still some 3.5 billion people on Earth with no access to the internet. Why is this encouraging? Because billions of people have never seen your videos. Billions of people are waiting to connect with your brand and love what you make. For online companies, this has deep implications on the language or translations of the videos we create, the cultures that we showcase within the videos, and the audience we intend to show the videos.  The days of making one singular piece of content that is then blasted all over the world are over, and the new era is upon us and those pieces of content will be meticulously curated for the lifetime value of consumers. Get to know your consumers and what their daily life looks like. As we empathize through video, we invite the consumer to a safe, relatable place instead the pushing one blanket message out to billions of people with different backgrounds. 

Robots are Taking Over

It’s true, robots are taking over. Don’t worry, it’s not as grim as you think. We love apps like jasper.ai and Dall-E 2 that are creating a positive and constructive space for AI to create content. With Dall-E 2 primarily, you enter your desired themes of art or copy and the machine creates a visual for you like magic! While we are in the early days of this technology, the advent of Dall-E 2 brings about a fun, inquisitive journey about how we will use AI to assist in making videos for the billions of the future. 

There are essentially no more rules in video, use your creative freedom! Analog video aesthetics are back on the rise and there are literally 1 billion new consumers waiting to see your content! BuzzShift is a specialized marketing agency that helps brands make videos to achieve any of their goals – a brand story, Facebook ads, YouTube shorts, etc. Happy Capturing!


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