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With so many options available, here’s why we chose Qwilr as our platform of choice for web-based proposals.

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With so many options available, here’s why we chose Qwilr as our platform of choice for web-based proposals.

The invention and worldwide acceptance of the e-signature was a game-changer. Real-time agreements help smooth out the process from the contract phase to starting work. While a PDF attachment with a signature will get the job done, in this day and age, there is a better way. At BuzzShift, we use Qwilr – your new best friend for optimizing contracts. Qwilr is a platform that allows you to outline your Scope of Work, show your pricing options, detail your Master Service Agreement, and more. The value is in the ease with which you can create, edit and share the content. Here are our favorite Qwilr features: 


“Blocks” are a great feature that allow you to create templated sections for information or services. Don’t waste time recreating the wheel and rewriting your contract elements each time when you have certain elements of your contracts that you reuse often (think introduction sections or commonly used outlines of services). Right now, do you copy and paste from previous contracts? On Qwilr, you can add commonly used copy to a block. When you create your next contract, you’ll just drag and drop your “block” from your library into the new contract and edit it as needed.  

Email Notifications & Analytics 

Everyone plays the waiting game after you press send: you watch your inbox, waiting for that reply. Qwilr takes away at least part of the torment. You’ll receive an email notification when your proposal has been opened. Beyond that, you can view analytics on Qwilr to see how many times your contract has been viewed and how much time viewers spent on each section. You’ll also be notified when someone accepts the contract. At BuzzShift, we love data and communication! 


This feature provides a similar benefit as Blocks. Only instead of pulling from templates, if you want to create a contract that’s very similar to one that already exists, you can Clone an existing contract. This is an incredible time saver if you have only minor edits.

Pricing Options 

Qwilr provides templated sections that you can add to each contract (think embedding an image or accept button). One of the most important sections of a contract is when you outline pricing. Qwilr offers a few different options – you can embed:  

A. “Standard Quote” which outlines the services, costs, and frequency  

B. “Plans only” which allows you to share different options for the signee to accept (protip: tag one as “recommended”) 

C. “Combined Plans and quote” Which is exactly what it sounds like, options A+B.  

As an agency, we have dozens of choices to make when selecting the platforms and tools we’ll use to run our business. Qwilr has greatly improved how we create and manage our contracts. This tool has our BuzzShift stamp of approval! If you’re interested in using Qwilr then use our referral link to get your first month free when you subscribe to an annual plan.  

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