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Blog Preview Image - Here's Why UGC Works BuzzShift

Here’s Why User-Generated Content Works

User-Generated Content improves brand authenticity, is cost-effective, and provides helpful insights to brands.

2022 Emerging Trends: Logos Preview Image

2022 Emerging Trends: Logos

Certain visual trends, when applied strategically and seamlessly with the brand’s identity, can help appeal to desired audiences without sacrificing brand authenticity.

UI vs UX: What's the Difference? Preview Image

UI vs UX: What’s the Difference?

While UI and UX are often used in conjunction or interchangeably, they refer to two unique aspects of product development and design process.

How Often Should You Refresh Paid social Ad Creative preview image

How Often Should You Refresh Paid Social Ad Creative?

Updating your Paid Social Media Ad content every 4-6 weeks prevents ad fatigue and ensures your ads are delivering positive results.

2022 Emerging Trends in Video Marketing Preview Image

2022 Emerging Trends: Video Marketing

Let’s break down 5 recent trends in video marketing that could help you connect and stay connected to your target audience.

2022 Emerging Trends in Design Preview Image

2022 Emerging Trends: Design

Embracing new trends helps you push creative boundaries and keep your brand relevant and competitive in an ever-changing design landscape.

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The Pros & Cons of Using Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great resource to fill in content gaps when a photo or video shoot isn’t feasible, but it has its limits.

Stills, Gifs, or Videos: Which is Most Effective? (Thumbnail image)

Stills, Gifs, or Videos: Which is Most Effective?

Social media trends and analytics show different types of content resonate with users more effectively in specific stages of the customer journey.

BzS brandspiration blog header-thumb

Brandspiration: Creative Brands That Inspire Our Team

It’s important for every brand to know who their audience is, and to appeal to that audience with innovative products and engaging creative that relates…