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It’s important for every brand to know who their audience is, and to appeal to that audience with innovative products and engaging creative that relates to their unique benefits and brand personality.

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It’s important for every brand to know who their audience is, and to appeal to that audience with innovative products and engaging creative that relates to their unique benefits and brand personality.

At BuzzShift, our creative team is always getting inspired by direct-to-consumer brands that are connecting effectively with their customers through high-quality creative. It’s important for every brand to know who their audience is, and to appeal to that audience with innovative products and engaging creative that relates to their unique benefits and brand personality. These are just a few of the brands that our creative team has been inspired by recently.

  1. Snow Days

    Snow Days are grain-free and organic pizza bites available in four delicious flavors, and have become a favorite afternoon snack for several of the BuzzShift team. Since pizza bites were a popular childhood snack for many Millennial and Gen Z consumers, the branding is bright, fun, energetic and reminiscent of that time period in a way that still feels elevated and modern. The UX design of the website is easy to navigate, while communicating the healthy aspects of the product in a laid-back, conversational voice and tone. When it comes to food brands, it’s always important to highlight the tastiness of the product, and Snow Days accomplishes this with colorful yet mouthwatering product photography and videos that work well with the rest of the branding. The social strategy utilizes influencer marketing (including Scarlett Johansson), memes, and branded graphics to connect with their Millennial and Gen Z consumers. This brand could easily pass for another junk-food brand to young kids today, but is healthy enough that parents love feeding them to their kids, or enjoying them themselves!

  2. Stag Provisions

    Stag Provisions is an Austin-based men’s lifestyle brand that offers curated, classic casual clothing and accessories. While the core visual identity is masculine and rugged, the brand uses a variety of design styles in campaigns throughout the year. This tactic ensures that new fashion campaigns always feel fresh and aligned with the seasons and styles. Stag Provisions is a great example of a brand having a range of design elements that still feel incorporated into the overall brand language through consistent voice & tone and earthy color palettes. Stag also utilizes elevated, warm lifestyle photography to highlight the quality of the products as well as the aspirational lifestyle that their consumers are striving for.

  3. Summer Fridays

    Summer Fridays is one of our favorite brands, loved by many women on the BuzzShift team. This beauty brand uses clean ingredients to make cruelty free and vegan skincare that is actually good for your skin and the environment. The simplicity of these skincare products is reflected in all aspects of the brand. Summer Fridays uses a clean and simple logotype paired with a neutral, earthy color palette that mimics the simplicity of the ingredients and further emphasizes the sustainability factor. This translates beautifully into their minimalistic packaging with ample white space and monochromatic look. Outdoor photography, much of which is captured in beach like settings, expands on the idea of summertime. This brand also offers you an easy way to be good to the earth. Send in five empty packages and Summer Fridays will recycle them and you will receive a free gift in return.

  4. Minnidip

    Minnidip is another favorite. It is the first designer inflatable pool. This brand has done an amazing job at giving a chic new take on a product that’s previously been marketed only for children. Minnidip has successfully managed to take the outdated look of a kiddie pool and turn it into a backyard design statement that is loved by kids and adults alike. The fun, illustrative patterns are chic and sophisticated. Minnidip expands their brand seamlessly into social media by bringing a dreamlike feel into their photography and graphics, creating a bold and bright lifestyle brand.

    Each of these brands have done a great job in both the online and offline experience, turning their products into a true lifestyle brand. They have all mastered the performance, brand and loyalty integration.

Our content strategy and creative team are constantly inspired by up-and-coming DTC brands as well as work from other agencies. We capture that inspiration and bring it to life in our own way through the work we produce including paid social ads, photography styles, website designs, brand elements, and more. Through the ever-changing landscape of creative trends and content that captures consumer attention, our team strives to stay up to date and pass along our learnings and ideas through our work. Whether we are developing a brand identity, brand strategy, or simply designing your paid social media ads, we want to ensure your branding fits in with your industry and resonates well with your target audience.

We’d love to talk more about your brand and help you determine if your branding is right for you and your target audience. Reach out and let’s start the conversation!

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