Organization Hacks: Our Account Managers’ Favorite Features in Asana

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Here are our favorite features of Asana, our project management tool that helps our team collaborate on tasks and stay on track.

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Here are our favorite features of Asana, our project management tool that helps our team collaborate on tasks and stay on track.

Account managers handle several responsibilities and are expert multitaskers. From acting as the face of the company to our clients, to coordinating meetings and keeping the conversation on track, to making sure tasks get done well and on time. BuzzShift would be a messy place without our trusty AMs. Thankfully, there are project management tools that help Account Managers keep every detail of the project organized and delivered to the client.

At BuzzShift, we don’t use just any project management tool, we use Asana. Asana is a tool that helps the team collaborate on tasks and track progress. Here are some of the best features in Asana that help our Account Management team stay organized: 

Estimated Time to Completion 

One of our favorite features in Asana is the “Estimated Time to Completion” or what we call ETC. Using this feature allows AMs to estimate the amount of time it takes to complete a project. One way this help is it allows Account Managers to collaborate with our internal team and set the right expectations with the client. Another benefit is setting the ETC for our internal team members (usually based on the allocated budget) so they know how long they should spend working on a specific task. By estimating the time to completion, we can work on creating efficiencies for future projects so we can work smarter (not harder) and continue to deliver the best quality work!  


The method of creating subtasks in Asana is unlike any other platform! Asana’s main task is assigned to the person that is primarily responsible for the project completion. Within the main task, you can either add collaborators or subtasks can be made and assigned to specific team members. Creating subtasks allows Account Managers to customize each task description based on what is needed in every phase of the project. This helps everything stay organized and ensures the team meets designated deadlines.  


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, as they say. Asana provides a feature for users to save custom templates that can be duplicated for different projects! At BuzzShift, we have set up templates for onboarding new clients, specific projects we often perform across clients, and offboarding clients! This helps us launch projects seamlessly, saving the full team time as the AM doesn’t have to create the framework from scratch and team members already know what to expect and where to find important resources. 

These are only a few features our Account Managers love to use! There are dozens of features and tools Asana provides that help teams manage their projects. Asana constantly sends out tips and tricks about how to best utilize their platform so we can constantly become more efficient. BuzzShift selected a project management tool that seamlessly integrates into our processes so we can deliver results faster and more easily. This tool allows our account managers to keep the team organized so they can focus on putting all their time and effort into their work. Want to work with a team that has all its ducks in a row? Reach out!  


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