Here’s Why User-Generated Content Works

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User-Generated Content improves brand authenticity, is cost-effective, and provides helpful insights to brands.

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User-Generated Content improves brand authenticity, is cost-effective, and provides helpful insights to brands.

Did you buy a new pair of earrings and immediately feel the need to post a pic of your new ear candy on Instagram? Was the packaging for that new product so sleek that you had to post an unboxing experience? In the digital marketing space, we call that user-generated content (UGC). UGC is original and brand-specific content created by individuals, not by brands. UGC can be images, videos, reviews, or other types. This content is usually shared on the creator’s personal platform where the creator acts as a brand advocate, influencer or not. This content is often sold to brands to use for their own platforms and digital placements. Some brands even conduct photo and video shoots to capture lookalike UGC content. In this blog, we’ll explain a few of the many reasons why using UGC content can be a great move for your brand.  

UGC Shows Authenticity  

Authenticity is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to driving conversion. Brands often spend money trying, again and again, to create the “perfect” campaign without realizing it lacks authenticity. Consumers seek out and are drawn to authenticity, especially when deciding whether to purchase a new product. They love to see true opinions and reviews from someone who has already used the product. Showcasing someone else’s previous customer experience helps create trust and a sense of attainability. 

UGC Costs Less Money 

It is no easy task to find cost-effective marketing solutions to effectively compete in a sea of brands that is continuously expanding. Keeping your brand top of mind is important, but (luckily for you) it doesn’t have to be expensive. This is where UGC comes in handy. When customers create assets and post for you, they’re reaching their own audience and spreading brand awareness. Customers sharing how much they love your product is essentially free compared to hiring an influencer. You don’t always need to hire an influencer to use the content your customers create. Some great ways to attain the content is to offer shoutouts in the form of reposts, free trials, and free products, to name a few. 

UGC Helps You Gain Audience Insights 

User-generated content offers a great amount of data. Seeing the kind of content your audience is sharing can help you better understand them. It enables you to see what they love about your products and what customers are complaining about giving you the opportunity to improve upon it. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking to increase brand awareness while showcasing authenticity and not breaking the bank, start with exploring user-generated content. At BuzzShift, we produce high-quality, eye-catching content. Our differentiator is the research and strategic thinking backing our content strategy. It is always important to keep in mind that specific types of content work best in specific scenarios, it is not one-type-fits-all. If you need help determining if UGC content is right for your website and social posts, reach out 


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