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You expect marketing agencies will stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and insights, but have you ever wondered where we get our news?

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You expect marketing agencies will stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and insights, but have you ever wondered where we get our news?

With hundreds of sources out there putting out new information every day, it’s overwhelming to know where to go for industry news and trends. We do our best to keep you up-to-date with our blog, The Shift. Are you wondering where we get our information? Here are a few of our favorite podcasts and newsletters that keep us informed of the latest marketing and small business trends. 


DTC Podcast: In addition to running a great newsletter, DTC also has a fantastic podcast. Not only do they cover the latest trends, but they also do deep-dive interviews with subject matter experts. They also make sure to cover timely topics, for example, in October they covered developing a Q4 email strategy 

How I Built This with Guy Raz: A must-listen for anyone building a business. In each episode, Guy Raz does thorough interviews with founders and business leaders on how they built their businesses and their personal brand stories. Each episode follows roughly the same format, but with a new guest each episode feels new. A recent favorite is with ButcherBox’s founder, Mike Salguero.  

Ecommerce Playbook: Taylor Holiday has created one of the premier DTC agencies with Common Thread Collective, and with the eCommerce Playbook, he shares what he has learned along his journey. What is great about this pod is that it’s not afraid to get nerdy. A recent episode delved into just why you shouldn’t hold back on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.    

Plain English with Derek Thompson: This podcast is a little different than the others. It is not directly related to DTC, marketing, or even running a business. However, Plain English does cover broader economic issues that equally impact the day-to-day of running your business. The topics on the pod can vary from entertainment to politics, but his economic episodes are a must-listen.  

The Best One Yet: Also not specifically covering DTC or marketing, The Best One Yet covers business and tech news and releases new episodes each weekday.  Each episode is only about 20 minutes so it’s a quick way to hear some of the top business stories of the day. What sets The Best One Yet apart is the high energy of the host and it’s not just another stuffy business podcast.  

Hard Fork: This is a relatively new podcast from The New York Times that covers the tech stories of the week. This pod is still gaining traction, but if their recent episode on “What Twitter looks like under Elon Musk” is any indication of its success, then we’ll have it in our regular rotation.   


Morning Brew: We’ve recommended it before, but this is a must-read for many folks at BuzzShift. The morning brew is what we read to start each day. It’s not only fun, but it provides quick hits of the news in a way that makes it easy to understand. And if you want to do a deep dive, they usually provide you links to longer stories so you can choose to learn more!

1-800-D2C: This website is an incredible resource. It allows you to look up your favorite brands and see what DTC tools they’re using on their website and what exactly those tools do for them. Their biweekly newsletter, “Yellow Notes” has the latest insights, often direct from the brand founders.  

Bloomberg: Not exactly an upstart/trendy source, but they are consistent and provide the business and economic news that you need. Plus, they offer many different newsletters that are as niche as video game news and as broad as an evening recap of the top stories of the day. Two of our favorites are Bloomberg Tech Daily and Matt Levine’s Money Stuff. 

With thousands of newsletters out there clogging up your inbox, we have provided a one-stop-shop solution, The Shift! The BuzzShift newsletter pulls from all your favorite industry sources and provides articles relevant to your interests. So instead of subscribing to each of the newsletters above, you’ll get the top 5 articles in one BuzzShift newsletter, saving you quite a bit of inbox storage and reading time. Don’t miss another newsletter – sign up now! If you’re interested in launching your own newsletter or marketing campaigns, we’d love to help!  


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