2022 Emerging Trends: Photography Styles

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These are just a few of the photography trends we’ve seen dominate social media and websites in 2022.

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These are just a few of the photography trends we’ve seen dominate social media and websites in 2022.

We look at (and often take) photos every single day. We constantly consume content from our friends, family, celebrities, and hundreds of brands. We’ve seen photoshoots ranging from Instagrammers in the wild to full production sets. In this extremely saturated, ever-changing digital landscape, how do brands ensure their content will capture the attention of their audience? Photography is an essential part of telling your brand story, and as opposed to stock photography, original photography can be tailored to perfectly fit your brand language and messaging while showcasing a unique product or service. But what styles and looks are connecting with people right now? How is the look and feel of successful photography changing? Here are four growing photography trends we’ve noticed throughout 2022. 

Bad photos are in.

I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. Over the past few decades, digital photography tech has grown more advanced and accessible, making it easier than ever to capture clean, flawless images. As a result, more and more people are turning away from that goal altogether. Instead, demand is rising for the unpredictable, the dirty, the blurry, and the loose. We’re talking dragged shutters, canted angles, and distorted features. One approach to creating these less predictable images leads to the next trend: analog photography. 

Analog is back! 

Analog photography, also known as film photography, refers to photography using an analog camera and film. It’s more difficult, it can be inconsistent, and it requires patience and processing. Film photography fits perfectly into the practice of relinquishing some creative control to give in to happenstance. As the production of film stock slowly comes back from its days in the doldrums, using older, expired film provides an extra layer of unpredictability that can give unparalleled character to photos. New or expired, film allows photographers to experiment with decades-old cameras, lenses, and accessories for unlimited possibilities. 

Unedited, raw realism. 

About a decade ago, we were in the midst a style trend of commercial photography that depended on heavy retouching, tweaking, nipping, tucking, etc. Today, popular culture is not embracing that heavily photoshopped vibe anymore. Content leans harder into an unedited, raw look, showing blemishes and so-called imperfections in portraits, and allowing still-life photography to look a bit less buttoned-up and pristine. 


On the other end of the trend spectrum, we have minimalism. We still see a lot of imagery in this style that incorporates the other trends we’ve mentioned, but the grimy, loose, “bad” look is certainly not usually the focus of this style. Minimalism, as you might expect, tries to communicate the message with as little as possible. One sub-category called “candy-minimalism,” often uses bright, saturated colors as a source of contrast. Minimalism allows the photographer to highlight certain elements of the photo, such as product packaging or details, which can be effective for brands looking to keep their product or message as the focus of the imagery. 

Photography as an art form has the power to transcend spaces, connect people, and help us experience more of the beautiful world around us in stunning detail. With the advancements we’re seeing in technology, the possibilities of photography are growing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate. These are just a few of the photography trends we’re seeing dominate the space in 2022, and we expect to see new trends arise as we transition into the new year. Need help capturing the perfect images or videos for your brand’s website or social channels? Drop us a line and let us know! Connect with BuzzShift. Did you love this blog? Read about other 2022 trends in design, video marketing, and more!  


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