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Stills, Gifs, or Videos: Which is Most Effective? (Thumbnail image)

Stills, Gifs, or Videos: Which is Most Effective?

Social media trends and analytics show different types of content resonate with users more effectively in specific stages of the customer journey.

When to Launch PM Campaigns blog header-thumb

When to Launch Paid Media Campaigns for Your Brand

Whether you are a new brand or an established brand, paid media advertising is a great way to amplify a brand’s current marketing efforts.

Earned Owned Paid blog header-thumb

What’s The Difference Between Earned, Owned, and Paid Media?

Owned, earned, and paid media, known as the “digital marketing trifecta”, each have their own roles to play in an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy.

Culture Check blog header-thumb

Culture Check: Employee Onboarding at BuzzShift

A preview into the experience of a new employee at BuzzShift - everything you need to know about joining the team!

Smart Newsletters blog header-thumb

Growth Hacks: Our Highest Rated Newsletter Tool

“Smart Newsletters” connect your team with AI to create newsletters that will save your team time and provide your audience with content curated specifically for…

Social Media 101 budget blog header-thumb

Social Media 101: How to Develop A Social Media Budget

Understand the factors that contribute to the pricing of social media management and how to develop a social media budget for your brand.

How Much Does it Cost to Work with BuzzShift? - preview image

How Much Does it Cost to Work with BuzzShift?

It saves both the agency and potential client time to be upfront about the average cost of services, even if the amount depends on the…

BzS Shopify plugins blog header-thumb

Best Shopify Plugins for DTC Brands

A roundup of BuzzShift’s most highly recommended partner apps in five different categories that easily integrate with Shopify websites

Things to look for DMA blog header-thumb

5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can make a huge impact on selecting the best digital marketing agency for your brand.